How artificial intelligence could take over jobs

Artificial intelligence is on rise now a days. There is a lot of research going on and many advancements are happening. Artificial intelligence has certainly come to the field of Analytics. There are many jobs based on a set of rules a person has to follow on a daily basis. The artificial Intelligence and cognitive systems have become smart to act based on a set of rules. Based on the latest advancements in machine learning algorithms artificial intelligence applications have come to the level of average IQ human being.

For a single task, although the artificial intelligence applications have reached far beyond the intelligence of human beings, when there is a good mix of tasks artificial intelligence applications are not performing up to the mark. But in sometime which is not very far, these applications with inbuilt intelligence are going to  be replaced in place of human beings.

Many companies are working towards the realisation of these applications with intelligence built within them. Only the leaders in this race are going to survive the competition. Once a leading companies take the lead most of the companies that are performing below the markets average shall dissolve.